Q & A

How to tell if the eggs you buy are fresh?

The simplest way is to observe the egg white and egg yolk. A cloudly jelly like egg white and a balloon like in the shape of an egg yolk tell you that the eggs are fresh.

A watery like egg white and a plateau egg yolk tell you that the eggs are not fresh.

How do we maintain our eggs quality in the storeroom ?

We have an air conditioned room that keeps at a temperature consistent at 19°C-20ºC round the clock to maintain the eggs freshness. In addition to that our storeroom is equipped with ultraviolet light to reduce bacterial contamination in the room.

How to order eggs from us ?

Phone – Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm +60 75539889

Email – 24 hours / 7 days a week, sales@sunspectrumsb.com

Your inquiry will receive a response from one of our Customer Support Representatives within 1 business day. sales@sunspectrumsb.com

Why our eggs are different from others?

We only source our eggs from the best farms in malaysia we know and trust. We only get eggs from farms that have MyGAP certification. You can even have Halal certified eggs if you require them.

What is our eggs price?

The price is subject to weekly market price. Call us for the best price.

What is MyGAP?

MyGAP, also known as Malaysian Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), is an agricultural practice which emphasises on environment, economy and social aspects to ensure the produce is safe and of good quality.

You can find out more about this at the following link http://www.moa.gov.my/en/mygap